Yumi Puente Kise

Lighting Designer

My name is Yumi Puente Kise, I am Mexican, but half of my family is Japanese. I can say that I am proud of my heritage. My whole life I have been influenced by both beautiful cultures, full of life, colors, traditions, and creativity.

When I was a child, I used to build little spaces made of Lego for my dolls. During my teen years, I became very interested in how the surrounding environment influenced people­’s emotions. That’s why I decided to study Architecture at the University CENTRO in Mexico City. During my college years I got to know amazing architects that push my passion to a different level. They showed me that the path to transform an empty room to a space full of life, was through the magic of light. Therefore, I decided to expand my career with a graduate degree in Lighting Design from the same university.

I always knew that “Ideas en Luz” was the right place for me. I am lucky that that I can work at a place that it aligns with my ideals as a Lighting Designer. My main interest is to use lighting as a mechanism for improving people’s quality of life and to use lighting as a tool to create experiences. It all goes back to the experiences I had as a child, like the games I played, my dreams, my college selection and the great opportunity I have today of learning alongside my teammates, including Blanca Lighting.