Victor Palacio

Production Manager

I am originally an engineer in electronics, when I was a high school student, in the distant 70s, computers and electronics in general seemed to have some future opportunities, so I took that path.  Later, my father and a friend had started a business in lighting as commercial distributors and at some point started working for a team of museum designers.   I joined them -supposedly for a couple of months- to help drawing fixture lay outs and electrical diagrams.  Getting in touch with the lighting inside a museum captured my entire attention and interest, that was 30 years ago and I am still loving what happens with the light in such places.

For several years, 99% of my job was about museum’s lighting, which eventually evolved into historic architecture lighting.  I became so fond of it that decided to go into a post graduate course on Architectural Preservation, so my inner architect came to light!   Unfortunately, the market for this kind of projects is quite reduced, and even though I’m very deep into it, there is not enough projects of this type.  Anyway, there is always a flip side of everything, I started being more interested in architectural lighting projects of many kinds.  In 2006, I decided to found “ideas en luz” an independent lighting design practice open to projects in most architectural fields.

My interest in the profession made me got involved with different groups of lighting designers, I really enjoy collaborating with peers in the pursuit of relevance for the profession and our community.  That took me to be the President of the IES Mexico Section in 2004; then I got involved with IALD in 2007 and eventually became the President in 2016, what gave me the opportunity of being in touch with colleagues around the world, and of course making significant friends all over.

We are proud to collaborate with Blanca Lighting in some of their projects, this is a great opportunity to develop professional connections while bringing diverse perspectives to a project.  Hobbies? I love everything related to astronomy and space exploration, big fan of science fiction films that have a true scientific support and dare to explore potential futures for humankind.