Town Hall

Seattle, WA


Lucrecia Blanco
Heli Ojamaa

IES Puget Sound 2020 Gloria Koch Leonidas Illumination Award, Award for Interior Lighting Design

Town Hall Seattle is beaming with new activity! The renovation and adaptive reuse of a century- old Seattle landmark gave opportunity for a civic and cultural organization to have their home better mirror their mission.  Through the reuse of historic fixtures alongside new integrated LED lighting, the lighting design was key in the deep transformation of this iconic landmark. Extensive on- site mockups ensured minimal impact of the historic architecture of the Great Hall, while testing that the illuminance criteria for an audience of varied visual ages was met. The Forum, a re- imagined lower- level of the building created three separate venues. These need to function individually, with the ability to be utilized as one large space. Wall sconces provide consistency throughout, while large handmade ribbon fixtures and glass pendants mixed with theatrical lighting reinforce the separate venues. Town Hall is now open for more readings, lectures, performing arts and musical events. The same amazing programs that we are used to, but now with much better lighting!