Skyway Library

Skyway, WA

BuildingWork / Weinstein A/U

Beverley Shimmin

IES Puget Sound 2017 Gloria Koch Leonidas Illumination Award, Award for Interior Lighting Design

Moving to a prominent crossroads in the community, a branch library finds a home in a new, airy library that contrasts its previous wartime, cinder-block building illuminated with glary, recessed 2×4 fixtures. This library also functions as a community center and serves a very diverse population. To that end, the performance criteria for the library was a design that encouraged social gathering while providing requisite light levels.   A layering of ambient, task, and accent lighting provides visual comfort and acuity. Tall windows next to reading areas and skylights over the children’s area afford ample daylight and views out. At night, concealed RGB LEDs light up the skylights provide a fresh, playful interior. staff has control of the dynamic color changing to set up different looks during the day and seasons.  A vibrant green spline wall is illuminated by a concealed linear wall washer, reinforcing architectural moves. Decorative pendants are used throughout to provide human scale, sparkle and unifying the spaces.   At the reading lounge, large iconic pendants are enjoyed from inside and outside of the building.