Olympic High School

Bremerton, WA

SKL Architects

Lucrecia Blanco
Heli Ojamaa

IES Puget Sound 2020 Gloria Koch Leonidas Illumination Award, Award for Interior Lighting Design.
National IES Illumination Award of Merit 2020

SKL Architects raised to the challenge to bring new life to an outdated 1970s public high school in Bremerton, WA.  The sustainable design approach emphasizing daylighting strategies and reconnecting to the natural environment through use of natural materials, views to the outside, and large overhangs at entries with the goal of creating welcoming spaces that reinforce positive attitudes for learning. This project also had and aggressive schedule, a limited budget, the challenge to meet a high performance school program and an energy efficiency grant.

Lighting fixtures are integrated into architectural elements to complement the daylighting strategies implemented throughout.  In classrooms, where there is no direct access to natural daylight, tunable white fixtures and solar tubes were used.  User controls devices were labeled per task in collaboration with teachers. Different presets of color temperature and intensity gave the instructor one more tool for optimal learning conditions.