Fire Station 22

Seattle, WA

Weinstein A+U

Lucrecia Blanco
Beverley Shimmin

IES Puget Sound 2018 Gloria Koch Leonidas Illumination Award, Award for Interior Lighting Design

This fire station replaces and updates the original 1964 fire station, which services an urban population. It is situated on a busy commuter road with difficult access, adding to the complexity of the design. One of the performance criterion for the lighting was to ensure visibility for pedestrians, adjacent traffic, and fire department staff and vehicles. Our solution was to judiciously illuminate the outside surfaces of the station, reinforcing the architecture, while adequately illuminating circulation. This solution also aided in keeping the building from becoming visually intrusive to the adjacent neighborhood. Other performance criteria included addressing the circadian rhythm and visual comfort needs of the fire crew who live in the station during their 36 hour shifts, integrating the lighting controls with the building management system as well as the alarm system, while meeting the energy and financial budgets. To address the concern of circadian rhythms, specific lighting equipment and controls were employed. For this unique effort, the project has received a LEED innovation award. Careful attention was paid to integrating the lighting equipment into architectural elements. For example, a custom suspended structure, which looks like a floating ladder, is integrated with lighting fixtures, which  illuminate the stairwell between levels.