Lighting design for the team

Collaboration and Integration
Over 30 years of award winning experience
Schedule and budget conscious design
WMBE certified
LEED certified
Certified Sustainable Building Advisor
BIM, IBM and LEAN model experience

Lighting design for aesthetics

Integration with architecture
Celebration of the visual environment
Visual interest and playfulness

Lighting design for efficiency

Daylighting analysis
Life cost analysis
Codes and regulations compliance
Building integrated control systems
Selection of long life sources for low maintenance

Lighting design for the environment

Conservation measures to reduce energy use
Protection of the dark skies and light trespass control
Holistic design for user comfort and control
LEED and Living Building Challenge compliance

Lighting design for health

Systems that assist in maintaining circadian rhythms
Promotion of healing by the use of light
Personal controls and careful use of color
Labs 21 and Green Hospital compliance